Homecoming: More Than He Expected

Paul had not seen his girlfriend for 45 days. He had been out to sea on an oil rig doing maintenance for the company he works for. When his boat arrived at the dock Melisa was waiting for him. She was wearing a super short, red dress which quickly caught Paul’s attention. After giving him a kiss the young couple made their way towards their car, with the other guys watching with envy.

As Paul drove home he was surprised when Melisa grabbed his hand, guiding it towards her crotch. He was even more surprised when he discovered she was wearing no underwear. She bent towards him as he started rubbing her clit. “I want you so bad”, her hot breath in his ear drove him crazy.

Paul had not been with Melisa for such a long time and he was super horny after seeing her in that short dress! Once they walked in the door Paul grabbed her by the hips and pulled up her dress. He pushed her towards the rec room, and pushed her down on the pool table, ass up. He immediately started fingering her clit, while slowly inserting his finder into her anus. Each time he slid his finger in Melisa screamed with delight. Just before she came, he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

Paul jumped on the bed and the couple started to 69 each other. Paul was licking her young 23-year-old pussy while Melisa was sucking his hard 25-year-old cock with vigor! After almost shooting in Melisa mouth, Paul picked her up and made her ride his rock hard dick. She rode his cock for almost 15 minutes before Paul came deep inside her pussy. Paul had been holding back for more than a month and he loaded her up. After Paul came the juices were dripping out of Melisa’s hot pussy, but this did not stop Paul from sticking his tongue inside. He licked Melisa’s pussy and flicked her clit causing her to orgasm like never before.

Melisa thought that was it, but she was wrong. Paul started rubbing his cock on her ass, spanking her with it as it became hard again. “No Paul, I need a few minutes,” Melisa begged. Paul just grinned as he shoved his once again rock hard dick inside her. Melisa couldn’t help herself, she started rubbing her clit as he fucked her.

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